Independent Advocacy

helping you to be heard

OPAL can make a referral to official OPAL partner and independent advocacy provider, Ceartas, if you feel that is necessary and on your behalf.

Independent advocacy is a way to help you to make your voice stronger and to have as much control as possible over your own life. Advocacy Workers do not make decisions on your behalf and they will not put words in your mouth. Independent Advocacy will help you get the information you need to make good choices, and give you the help you need to express yourself clearly.

Independent Advocacy can help you in a number situations, including issues relating to:

  • Adult Support and Protection Act
  • Adults With Incapacity Act
  • Children’s Hearings System
  • Mental Health Act
  • Power of Attorney
  • Welfare Benefits Assessments

The ‘independent’ part means that Ceartas are not financially or organisationally dependent on anyone who provides any other type of service. Independent advocacy is there to help you decide what you want to say and then support you to say it. Independent advocates do not work for hospitals, doctors or social work services, and you do not have to pay for advocacy.

Contact OPAL for more information or Ceartas direct.

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